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I know my grandpa (RIP) loved my dad, because I know I love my son. And I know I love my son because my dad loves me. If I can love my son, it’s because my dad loves me. If my dad can love me it’s because his dad loved (loves?) him.

People love when they have been loved. If a person does not demonstrate the consistent capacity to love another and themselves, it is up to those outside of the immediate family to love them (action verb), since they have been given the gift of being loved themselves.

Whenever I doubt the importance of loving another (translation, being vulnerable), I will remember this.

Loving you,


That’s Three Steps…

Today, I took Kydan down to see his Mama Sal and Papa Kirt. We got there in the early afternoon and Kydan started warming up right away. Still just a little shy at first, but then he was crawling everywhere, checking everything out, and generally making himself at home within just a few minutes. His favorite thing today was probably getting to sit on the big console between my folks’ chairs in the living room. He got to hold one of the remote controls and pull tissue out of the Kleenex box over and over again, and Kirt just kept throwing it back on him. He was having a great time!

Later, I was sitting on the side seats with my mom and Kydan took 3 (that’s three steps people!) steps towards me, from a standing position! Wow! How Cool! The timing was right and he had a perfect hand-hold to let go from as he stepped over. Nice smooth steps too! Very proud. 😉

Other than that, he had a  not-so-fun ride home. Very upset for many minutes. Nothing I could really see that was bothering him, he just didn’t want to be in his car seat anymore. Who can blame him? Me either Kydan. Where’s that teleporter I heard about when I was kid? When’s that thing ready? Who knows….maybe during his lifetime.

Did I mention that he took three steps today? 🙂

There is nothing better under the sun than hearing my son laugh and giggle. We visited the Austin Zoo today, the first time for all present, me, Cristine, Michaeloha, and Kydan. Yes, a bit hot, but it was worth it. We rounded the corner from the first few animals, Prairie Dogs, Cockatoos, and Genets and came up to the various monkey houses. Ok, they’re cages too. [Frustrating part of zoo life, is that while educational and exciting, it’s also sad and stark.] The Ring-Tailed Lemurs are what got Kydan going the first time. First Michaeloha enticed them out with his ever-present charisma(!) and then the one Kydan could see ran back and forth from side to side on this long branch. He started giggling right away and kept on laughing for a long time. Pointing and smiling and babbling. Our dogs and kitties don’t move like that! Mmm….remembering his bright face and smile now makes my whole body relax and take a more full breath. Later, it was the rather large goats in the petting corral area. They have very flexible lips, almost prehensile, and when I fed that goat a bit of food, Kydan got to cracking up again. Ahh, it was hot today at the zoo but there is nothing better under the sun….




All photographs used by permission [Cristine East Copyright 2012]