In the world of music, listening is what it’s all about.

We have 2 ears and 1 mouth: use them proportionately!


Here is a warm up I began using with my students last year that goes through ii-V-I’s in all keys, moving in fourths. It’s simple half note lines, so it’s truly a warm-up, but it’s not roots, or 3rds to 7ths like a lot of other basic melodic teachings suggest. [those are great, of course, I just wanted to try something else]

Alto Sax/Bari Sax (Eb) ii-v-i-warm-up_jazz-band-alto-saxophone

Trumpet (Bb) ii-v-i-warm-up_jazz-band-trumpet-in-bb

Tenor Sax (Bb) ii-v-i-warm-up_jazz-band-tenor-saxophone

Trombone/Double Bass (Bass Clef) ii-v-i-warm-up_jazz-band-trombone

Licks and Riffs

Here’s a chorus over the changes to “I Love You” by Cole Porter i-love-you-one-chorus

Here are several phrases that I’ve lifted or picked up along the way bebop-phrases-v2

Here’s something I tried with my students last year Triads and Tetrachords in Major and Minor Keys.

[Treble Clef triad-and-tetrachord-3 Bass Clef triad-and-tetrachord-4]


Kenny Garrett’s Solo on Woody Shaw’s album “Solid” (There Will Never Be Another You)

Kenny Dorham’s Solo on Cedar Walton’s album “Cedar!” (Take the ‘A’ Train)